September 10, 2003


The following has been taken from the "Central Eurasia Studies World Wide" web site:

Definition: Diversity and Coherence

"Central Eurasia" -- for the purposes of «Central Eurasian Studies World Wide» -- is a not-too-neatly circumscribed domain on the interior of the Asian continent.  Much ink has been spilled trying to come up with definitive definitions.  Though the domain encompasses great diversity, there is also cultural continuity across the broad region, as well as shared history and contemporary problems.  In rough terms, "Central Eurasia" encompasses the region from Iranian Azerbaijan and Turkic/Muslim regions of southern Russia in the west, through northern Afghanistan and southern Siberia, to Tibet and Mongolia in the east.

The rationale for this broad definition is that much of the region shares one or many of the following characteristics:

The contemporary states regions and territories which are covered by this term are, from west to east:

*While Central Asia is defined here academically, the Peace Corps includes only the former-Soviet Central Asian states, and does not currently have a program in Tajikistan.

September 08, 2003


A chronicle of the application process. So far, I've experienced very quick turn around from the PC. The lengthy time lags displayed here are entirely due to my own delays.

September 07, 2003


It will be very important for me in the PC to share my experiences with family and friends. Since snail mail takes too long, and email is often unreliable, I'm hoping to fill the lull periods with this blog, including photos. Here's a first run of my newly acquired skills.

Turkey '03 (click on any image for an enlarged view)

Nova Scotia - Race Week '03

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