November 20, 2003

8 Weeks 'Til Uzbekistan!!!

Eight weeks and I'm starting to learn Russian.

(Who would have thought?)

...and I just received news that someone will sublet my apartment as of December 1st, which means that I will be moving into Rich's house for my final 7 weeks. Still to sell my car but I'm not quite ready to give it up until closer to my departure date. Since those two things are the biggest financial commitments to handle, I feel I'm almost there.

My attempts to temper my packing list by striking off unnessary items are countered by a growing wish list of new necessitities. *sigh* Its that bad consumerism bug that hits me every time I find something that will make my life easier, or things that I can justify by size and weight that make my life luxurious.

(Can a 100 pound girl even carry a 100 pounds?)

November 18, 2003

Central Asia NGO Network

Here is another resource on NGO work in Central Asia. Cango.net is a site of the Central Asia NGO Network. Here you can find the latest news and activities related to NGO activities in the region.

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